Web 3.0: An Integrated Future

There’s been a lot of hype over Web 2.0 and the next generation of web applications, and some have been speculating on what Web 3.0 will be like. For me, I believe that part of Web 3.0 will be better integration between applications.

In today’s world, we have many different programs attempting to tackle similar problems. Competition between companies usually brings out the best of the best, but rarely does one company win in every category. What we end up with is several gold-standard products made from completely separate companies; and, although most allow import/export, the majority of them usually lack any sort of synchronization or connection.

Now, imagine a world where all of your applications are connected behind the scenes without using import and export. This may sound idealistic, but we are seeing a growing need for some kind of integration between all of these new web applications. For instance, Google may one day produce an outstanding web-based calendar program, but will it allow me to send the day’s events to my journal program, or possibly even my blog? Having to import/export and copy/paste is getting more and more counter productive.

So, what do I think the buzz word will be for Web 3.0? Say hello to Send-to and Synchronize-with buttons. 🙂