HAPPY New Year!

I’ve been wondering for weeks what my first blog post would be about. With it being the first day in a new year, I want to go ahead and post the obvious… HAPPY NEW YEAR! As I type this, my mind keeps going over those words. What constitutes HAPPY? What is happiness, anyway?

True happiness, from my experience, comes only from one source (and here come the flame wars :-)…. Jesus Christ! No, for real, Jesus (aka God, and God Himself), is and are the only way anyone can experience true happiness. Finding His will for your life, and doing it, is a rollercoaster ride like no other! People are always looking for an escape, or a way to satisfy selfness. But, this only gives temporary (and fake) happiness. True happiness comes from the One who’s in charge of it all.

So, whenever you tell someone, “HAPPY NEW YEAR”, remember where that happiness comes from. If you’re a Christian, share your joy with others. If you’re not a Christian, consider this an invitation to a better life. Wait a minute… let me re-phrase that. Consider this an invitation to life itself! Life without God is a joke… a prank being pulled by Satan. Life with God is life. Life without God is not life. Remember that!