[Pics] Unboxing the New iPad & Fitting into a Snugg iPad 2 Case

My New iPad (3rd gen) just arrived from Fedex!

I was originally going to go with the 16Gb Wifi-only version, but since the New iPad with Verizon now enables a personal wifi hotspot along with month-to-month data usage without signing a contract (a killer feature), I decided to go with the 16Gb 3G/4G model.  For a web worker, this now has to be one of the cheapest (and fastest) ways to get both internet on the road and a backup option when cable/DSL goes out.

Below are some unboxing photos along with how well it fits into a Snugg iPad 2 case (available from Amazon):

The box shipped from Jonestown, PA and arrived unmarked; however, the Fedex lady knew what it was. :)


I have to admit, even after using both the original iPad and iPad 2 in the past, my heart rate still went up when I saw those letters.



Nice material on the inside lid to help protect the screen, although the entire unit is wrapped in some sort of cellophane or plastic.



Same basic essentials as previous models, including those cool Apple Logo stickers.


New iPad alongside the Snugg iPad 2 case.


The New iPad, even though it is slightly thicker, fit pretty well inside the Snugg case.  No complaints here.



Seems to fit nicely around the edges.


Bottom port seems to line up well.


No problems plugging in the New iPad through the Snugg case.



Powering on.  Oh yeah!


Propped up vertically using the Snugg case’s built-in flap and stand.


Reverse side of the case.


Holding the iPad with the Snugg case’s built-in handle feels very natural (except when I’m trying to take a picture with the other hand :).


Overall, I’m very impressed with the fit of the New iPad in the Snugg iPad 2 case.  It feels very natural and secure, and all the buttons and camera line up and are functional.   HOWEVER, I can confirm the rumors that this case for some reason does not put the New iPad into sleep mode (like the Smart Cover does).  This is a real disappointment as that was one of the case’s features.  Not a deal-breaker for me personally, but it does prevent this from being the perfect case.

As for the New iPad itself, the new Retina display you have to see to believe… it is absolutely amazing!  Viewing a high-res photo looks like glossy photo-paper with a luminescent background.  Voice dictation is also accurate and very handy, and the upgraded graphics processor makes things smooth and snappy.  Apple has done it again, even without Steve Jobs at the helm.

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