The Future of Business IT

    Most organizations today employ several people and hundreds of computers for their internal technology needs. You rarely see any organization or business these days without some sort of computer sitting beside a secretary or mounted up on a wall for the blue-collar employee. No doubt, computers have become a necessity in the business world.
    There are multiple problems that have risen from this scenario, however. One is that IT staff are often not extremely knowledgeable in the technology they handle, and who can blame them? The way technology is accelerating these days, just about everyone in the field needs to spend at least a few hours a day just in training. Another problem is that the reliability of computers (and networks) is usually low in businesses. It would be interesting to see just how many hours a month organizations spend on installations, upgrades, and repairs.
    So, what would be the logical solution to these problems? One word: outsourcing. I believe that most, if not all, computers in the business of the future will be nothing more than thin-clients (or terminals), connected at high-speed to a local data center. Why not let the data center focus on keeping the technology running, upgraded, and available, and let the organization focus on it’s original purpose? This would not only cut costs significantly for the organization, but would also lower downtime and free up valuable office space (no more bulky desktops or rooms dedicated to servers).
    Granted, this may not work for every company out there, but I believe the majority of companies today could benefit from outsourcing their technology.

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