A small testimony

    I want to share with you a small testimony of something the Lord did for me a few weeks ago.
    For about a month, I had been experiencing Blepharospasm, which is an involuntary twitching of the eyelid. Blepharospasm is known to come from stress and fatigue (which is usually the norm for me). For many weeks, I tried taking deep breaths, relaxing, and getting plenty of sleep. However, nothing seemed to help it.
    One day, on the way home from work, I started thinking about God, and how He has everything under control. As soon as I began to realize this, the Blepharospasm went away, and I mean instantly! And, to this day, it hasn’t been back! Praise the Lord!
    I had tried everything to fix this, including getting my mind off of the world and just relaxing, but the only thing that worked was when I put my life in perspective, and started trusting that God would take care of my situations.

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  1. JC's girl January 10, 2006 at 6:30 pm #

    That’s really awesome! I love how God works everything together for a reason and teaches us at the same time! He’s so incredible.

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